A new video on the Digital Twin of the Camp Nou Stadium has been released

28th Jul 2022

This video consists in broad overview of Testbeds #5, going from its origins to its envisaged possible future usages. The video showcases data visualizations from the testbed and is anchored by short interviews of Albert Mundet (Director of Football Club Barcelona Innovation Hub) and Fernando Cucchietti (Head of BSC’s Data Visualization and Analytics Group).

In order to smooth the understanding of this Testbed’s outcomes, the video interview incorporates several graphical elements from the testbed, such as dashboards including plots on the visitor’s forecasting, and a visualization of a real simulation, showing how fans move through the stadium, following different patterns.
Finally, the video emphasizes how relevant for the society is this testbed’s current and future potential, as it might be the starting point for even more complex scenarios, such as the ones of cities and pedestrian mobility.