Top-Level and Mid-Level Ontologies Multi-Disciplinary Workshop

18th Mar 2021

The Top-Level and Mid-Level Ontologies Multi-Disciplinary Workshop is primarily intended to gather Top Level Ontology (TLO) and Mid-Level Ontology (MLO) stakeholders to create an EU based network, spanning from the philosophical community to formal TLO/MLO developers and users.


During the workshop we will ask some of the most relevant TLO and MLO developers and users to present their actual progress in the field, to depict the status and the role of high-level ontologies in the strategic perspective of European Industry digitalisation.

The workshop will give the opportunity to all attendees to contribute to the OntoCommons goal to create a Top Reference Ontology to facilitate alignments and comparisons between TLOs and MLOs, which will constitute the core of the OntoCommons EcoSystem (OCES): a set of ontologies and tools in the industrial domain following state-of-the art FAIR rules that will enable end users to harvest their potential at different levels, according to their specific needs.


The event will take place on 25 and 29 March and on 8 April 2021.

For the agenda and the registration click here.