CYBERNETICS ANALYZE – Improve efficiency and reduce cycle time with machine learning

07th Apr 2022
10:30 am

In this workshop FILL will present CYBERNETICS ANALYZE, the digital solution to enhance the performance and efficiency of Fill machines.

The focus will be on the machining center SYNCROMILL and determining its process stability in terms of media consumption and part quality.

They will present how the cycle time can be optimized using FILL data-based solution without any additional sensors. Furthermore, how edge computing and the IoTwins project involved in our solution will be presented.

Josef Nagl, Stefan Murauer and Verena Stanzl will show hands-on examples for using the platform and its benefits. Sophie Binder will guide the audience through the webinar.

Sophie Binder (Innovation Management) – Moderation
Josef Nagl (Product Management and Sales for Digital Products)
Stefan Murauer (Team Manager Software Engineering)
Verena Stanzl (Data Scientist)

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  • Technical Workshop
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