GCL International at RACIR 2022

14th Mar 2022

The event “Robotix Academy conference for Industrial Robots 2022” (RACIR 2022) will take place from 19 to 20 May 2022.


During the conference, Bassem Hichri, from GCL International, will present IoTwins testbed 4 and 9. His contribution, together with others, will be published in a book.


The aim of the RACIR conference is to implement successful networking among scientific staff and students. The focus is to scientifically exchange at different levels in order to disseminate research results, to identify synergies and trends, to personally connect actors and ultimately to further strengthen the research fields of Robotix-Academy. In addition, there is the possibility to learn more about the respective organizing institution. The conference will focus on different aspects and trends of robotics and automation in different areas.


Official event page.