IoTwins at Intelligent and connected machining conference

29th Apr 2022

Two conferences and four workshops to discover the latest advances in intelligent machining. This is what Cetim proposes with a dedicated event in Cluses on May 3, 2022, organized with the support of SNDEC and Symop. The opportunity for the participants to discover all the details of two major projects in this field: MOIC and IoTwins! The first one is a structuring and strategic project (PSS) of Cetim whose objective is to exploit the data captured by intelligent and connected machine tools (hence its name: MOIC). The challenge: thanks to the use of multiple data collected on a machine, to confer to it the capacity to make a decision in complete (or almost) autonomy but also to use its experience and to accumulate knowledge in the course of time. During this technical day, the focus will be on the implementation of this intelligent machining process on several machine-tool demonstrators (a screw machine and a machining center) and a connected workshop.


Cetim’s specialists involved in these two projects will unveil their progress during two conferences, at 9:30 am for MOIC and 11 am for IoTwins. The four workshops are scheduled from 1.30 pm.


Source and agenda.