IoTwins at the Data week 2022 | Relive the event

23rd Jun 2022

The event took place last May 25 in the framework of the annual BDVA event.

The session has introduced the IoTwins project (H2020 – GA 857191) and its main achievements in the development of the Big Data platform and the AI services. Practical examples of application have been introduced, presenting how the developed technologies are applied to different use cases: predictive maintenance for wind turbines, data-driven prescriptive maintenance and optimization of large computing facilities and patterns for smart manufacturing.

Demos of the different use cases have been presented.


SESSION 1: The IoTwins solutions for delivering Digital Twins

  • The IoTwins project – Francesco Millo, Bonfiglioli (15’)
  • The IoTwins Platform: IoT-Edge-Cloud infrastructure and big data services – Giuseppe Di Modica UNIBO  (20’)
  • The IoTwins catalogue of AI services for industrial distributed digital twins – Andrea Borghesi, UNIBO (20’)

SESSION 2: IoTwins applications and demos

  • Wind Turbine predictive maintenance (Presentation + DEMO); Paolo Cominetti, Roberto Lambruschi; Adriano Costanzo, Luigi Presti Bonfiglioli (20’)
  • EXAMON: Holistic supercomputer facility management (Presentation) – Andrea Borghesi, UNIBO (20’)
  • Build a Pre-industrial prototype on smart manufacturing (Presentation + DEMO) – Michel Carton, CETIM (20’)