IoTwins presented during a CINI webinar

25th Jun 2021

IoTwins was presented by Professor Paolo Bellavista (UniBo) during the webinar “Cloud Continuum for Distributed and Hybrid Digital Twins for Industry 4.0 Applications” organized by CINI Lab on June 23, 2021

Topic of the webinar was the efficient exploitation of the cloud continuum approach (combining industrial cloud, edge cloud, 5G/6G far edge and fog nodes) as a key for the success of next generation Industry 4.0 applications, e.g., for the control and reconfiguration of manufacturing production lines, where quality requirements on latency, reliability, and scalability are crucial.


The Webinar aimed at overviewing the primary research and technological transfer activities ongoing at the Mobile Middleware research group at UNIBO. In particular  IoTwins and Change2Twin projects showed the lessons learned on how to efficiently design and implement distributed and hybrid digital twins running on virtual resources in the cloud continuum.


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