The first IoTwins video has been developed having in mind a general audience (i.e with no specific target) with the idea to provide a first insight about the project and the technologies involved along with its general objectives and benefits for companies.

DELIVERABLE 8.5 Communication tools

In the following deliverable all the IoTwins communication materials are presented in detail.

DELIVERABLE 8.4 Communication Plan

The IoTwins communication plan aims at providing all partners with the proper tools, channels and actions to reach out to society and show impact of EU funded projects.

Deliverable 8.3 Dissemination Plan

The IoTwins Dissemination Plan is conceived to provide due relevance to research results and create pathways towards different target groups all along the project life.

Deliverable 8.1 IoTwins Outreach Team

This document includes the list of the members of the IoTwins Outreach Team, one person per partner, responsible for all communication and dissemination activities of the project.