#10 EXAMON replication to other datacentre facilities

The Examon IoTwins-enabled management of Testbed 6 will be replicated on two datacenters located at INFN and BSC premises. The purpose is to define a methodology for the monitoring infrastructure reuse and deployment in new and different contexts.
The starting points of INFN and BSC are heterogeneous in terms of data collection and monitored resources.
INFN is already collecting data (tens of TB) on the production datacenter located at CNAF, Bologna composed of high-end servers. Examon enables to collect new data and will be integrated in the current monitoring system (e.g., infrastructure control data, IT hw control, services, …), to the purpose of troubleshooting and predictive analytics.
In BSC, instead, Examon will be deployed on an unconventional cluster composed of heterogeneous machines in terms of architecture, power consumption, form factors and configuration. These resources are not yet instrumented and provide a solid benchmark for the flexibility of the monitoring and predictive tools.

  1. Fast deployment of a monitoring infrastructure in different contexts

  2. Transfer learning models from CINECA to different machines. Considered KPIs will include deployment time, initial accuracy of reused models, and reduced time to train Machine Learning models on new machines

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#9 Standardization / homogenization of manufacturing performance
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