#11 CAMP NOU replicability towards smaller scale sport facilities

Nou Camp is the largest stadium in Europe. Demonstrating the replicability and scalability of its testbed is
crucial since it enable the IoTwins solution to smaller facilities.
FCB renovation project includes other facilities that can be involved in the testbed replicability and
scalability demonstration
 the new Palau Blaugrana (next to Nou Camp) has capacity for 12K spectators, and hosts basketball,
handball, hockey and futsal games, as well as social and cultural events with.
 the Johan Cruyff stadium (8.5 km from Nou Camp), with a capacity for 6K spectators, which hosts
2nd Division, UEFA Youth League, and UEFA Women’s Champions League football games.
 around the Camp Nou stadium there are facilities like the FCBotiga store (with 4.5M yearly visitors),
and the FCB museum, which receives 2M visits per year.
Excluding coverage and data formats, all these facilities are already instrumented with some of the key
sensors needed for the replication, and are equipped with Wi-Fi or and Bluetooth connectivity. More edge
devices will be installed temporarily by using hardware developed for TESTBED 5 (e.g., NVIDIA Jetson-
assisted cameras to provide anonymous crowd profiling on site).

  1. Replicability and scalability demonstration of the facility management digital twin developed for the Nou Camp testbed

  2. Improve crowd movements in the stadium to increase safety and identifying infrastructure optimization knobs

  3. To enhance customer experience and satisfaction by improving the location of services, commercial and leisure stands/shops

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