#9 Standardization / homogenization of manufacturing performance

GCL has more than 20 plants operating in 5 continents and in most of them uses the
technologies and solutions described in Testbed 4 . Production performances in each plant are
significantly different due both to external conditions and (mainly) to different organizational (human and
technical) levels. One goal of large international groups is to standardize/homogenize production quality
and manufacturing performance across various plants, bringing them to world-class consistent levels.
The pilot grounds on Testbed 4 that develops predictive maintenance and production optimization by using
the Thingworx IoT platform. This testbed extend Testbed 4 to four GLC plants (three in Italy and one in
Luxembourg), putting the basis for the deployment of IoTwins solutions in all GCL EU plants, with a
deployment time of only 2-3 weeks.

  1. Extension of the models investigated and assessed in Testbed 4 to a wider series of machinery and to other plants around the EU

  2. Exploitation and assessment of KPIs, aiming at performance homogenization and standardization methodologies

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