The IoTwins final video is now out

21st Sep 2022

The IoTwins final video is targeted to SME, focusing on IoTwins Platform and AI services. The video describes a “customer journey”, introducing how a SME can use Io Twins to develop its own digital twin and which are the advantages that the IoTwins solutions can bring to the company.

We chose the “gaming narrative as a story”, presenting the customer journey as a SME digital avatar facing “enemies” (the difficulties that may arise in its business) and solving them through the IoTwins enabled digital twin.
Gaming is a positive and engaging world and delivers the idea of “winning”, bringing one’s company “at the next level“.

The videogame is in itself an alter-ego experiment in which the player becomes the protagonist through a software which allows him/her to create his/her own virtual twin that performs heroic deeds
thanks to technology.

In the video, the “customer journey” unfolds over 5 stages:

  1. INTRODUCTION: empathic approach with entrepreneurs who identify themselves in SMES
  2. PROBLEM: SMES encounters difficulties which translate into inefficiencies and costs
  3. SOLUTION: With IoTwins, SMES2, the twin that overcomes difficulties, is born
  4. DISCOVERY: SMES & SMES2 discover the features of IoTwins platform and services
  5. USE CASES: 3 “Levels” which are case history stories (test beds)

The videos are now available on YouTube; here is the full version